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Did you hear about the sport from a friend or neighbor and want to find out more? 

First, you're in the right spot. Our program is open to boys and girls at the youth level until they reach high school. 

Lacrosse is the fastest growing youth sport in the country right now. Don't worry if your child has never played, as most children here haven't so your child is not at a disadvantage.  A lot of kids have only picked up a stick in the last year to two, and every year we add more new kids to the program.  Here are links to PDF's of boys youth lacrosse books from US Lacrosse. The girls game is significantly different with less contact.  This is a great resource for parents and players that would like to learn the game. 

How much does it cost to play Lacrosse?

Above the US Lacrosse Membership and GB Club fees, like any sport the cost will be determined by the equipment you purchase. Below is what it would cost with new entry level equipment along with the fees associated with US Lacrosse Membership and the club fees. You can lower equipment cost by purchasing used or you can spend more by purchasing higher end gear. 

This is Lacrosse

Produced by US Lacrosse

Please note: Some rules have been modified since the production of this video. Nonetheless, we hope you’ll find the video to be helpful in your understanding of the game.

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